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Hunter Crowley tops Cousin’s 20-year pin record

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A 20-year old Mahomet-Seymour wrestling record for most pins in a career was broken Saturday when Hunter Crowley broke his cousin’s, Chet Crowley, record.

Chet, who held the record at 61 for two decades said, “I am so proud of hunter taking this record. Because it is Hunter, I don’t feel like I am losing the record but instead passing the legacy to the next Crowley generation. I am grateful to have had a role in Hunter’s journey to reaching such great heights. I think it is incredible that the record held for 20 years only to be beaten by a Crowley.”

Currently, Hunter has 63 pins.

Chet, alongside Hunter’s dad, encouraged Hunter’s participation in the Mahomet Youth Wrestling program where his cousin was the head coach when he turned 9-years old.

Hunter, who battled leukemia for the first five years of his life, rebounded by the time he was 8. His dad and uncle thought wrestling would be a great way for him to gain athleticism, but Hunter said the sport has also “taught him to stay calm and control the situation when things get tough.”

“After the battle I watched Hunter fight (with cancer), I knew he was special,” Chet said. “When Hunter began to wrestle he already possessed the qualities of a champion: determination, commitment, passion, fight, and the strongest will I have ever seen. As his coach, all I needed to do was put him on the mat. By Hunter’s second year he was in the IKWF Intermediate State Finals and would go on to be a multiple state player ending his youth career with a IKWF State Title.”

Hunter ran with the success he found at the elementary and junior high levels by becoming a two-time Regional and Sectional Champion, qualifying for the IHSA State Tournament twice, and placing fourth at State in 2016. He was also selected as captain by his teammates his senior season.

Hunter said he and Chet began back-and-forth banter his sophomore year as he was on pace to meet Chet’s record.

“He wanted to see me succeed as much as he succeeded,” Hunter said. “It has always been great to be able to have Chet to talk to about wrestling; he’s lived it and has been a champion. I admire that and want to accomplish all I can in wrestling.”

But Chet not only sees the statistical accomplishment Hunter has achieved but has watched his family member grow into a young man of great character.

“Not only does Hunter possess athletic abilities but he is a kind, humble, smart and caring human being,” Chet said. “The character he displays on and off the mat is an example for all young athletes. He is the total package and I could not be more proud of him.”


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